Core Values

We established our core values because they are our foundation for continued growth and success. These guiding principles keep us focused on what is important and what makes a difference in our company.


The word Christ represents our commitment to strive to conduct our business and personal lives based on Christ's example and biblical teaching. What we expect of our associates while at work is to live by the "Golden Rule,” treating others the way they would want to be treated. At Madera we treat our co-workers with respect, we take care of our customers, and always strive to give our best in all we do. We will always be honest and fair and pride ourselves in doing what is right. 


For us to become the best company in our industry, being a company of common hard working people, we must pull together to leverage our strengths to outperform our competition in order to achieve uncommon results. Nothing brings people together quite like adversity and a common goal.


The word CANEI stands for constant and never ending improvement. This means that every facet of our operation must constantly strive for growth and progression. We recognize that change is inevitable and work to ensure that we invariably keep our operation current. Each property that we own and operate is distinct and must operate competitively in order to attain success.


We strive to provide our associates an atmosphere in which they can comfortably balance their family and work. A balance between work and family occurs when a person’s need to meet family commitments is accepted and respected in the workplace. At Madera, we believe that balancing work and family responsibilities makes good commercial sense for business and therefore promote family time by providing more paid time off than any other company in our industry.


This value represents the importance of our company to provide a service that positively impacts others. We realize that by providing quality housing, we strengthen our community. We also embrace the fact that our community needs our service and appreciate any opportunity we are given to make a difference.